Catatan harian si pengembara dalam samsara

Once upon a time there was a monkey king who became a leader 0f 80.000 monkey. They lived in the forest. The king was as big as a fawn and he was so wise. He was the Boddhisattva, the enlighened One.
One day they arrived at the pond in he forest. He told his people not to drink the water in the pond as the monster lived in it and could eat them one by one. His people listened to him and they did not drink at all though they were thirsty.
The monster came. He told the monkey to drink as he saw that they were all very thirsty. But… the king took a young bamboo, blew through it to make the knots disappear, and used it  and used it to sip water from the pond. It sounded amazing. He waved his hand and all the bamboo growing around that one pond lost their knots. They all used those bamboos to drink the water in the pond without entering the pond.
What can I learn from this story?
1. I don’t have enough compassion to others so from now on I shall practice it night and day. I vow I shall help other beings until I get enlightenment
2. I don’t have enough wisdom. What I do, what I talk, What I think all are based on ignorance. I vow that I shall learn all dharmas to gain wisdom. From now on, I will learn dharmas and share them to others so I shall get wiser and wiser
3. I don’t have enough patience when I have to debate with others who have different views, ideas, or opinions with me. I may get angry, annoyed, hate them. From now on I vow to develop patience and compassion more and more. I shall realize that all beings have different roots of karmas. I shall be patient to them in order not to make me proud of myself and superior to others.
4. I don’t have enough any bravery to face any monsters, devils or ghosts. I know that I lack of compassion and wisdom.
5. I don’t have enough time to care to others and help others. I shall be wise to spare my time with others so I can save others’ life and others’ suffering.
May all beings be happy.
Carya, 21.10.2012

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