Catatan harian si pengembara dalam samsara


Sutra of the Bodhisattva’s eight realizations

spoken by the Buddha

(Ba Da Ren Jue Jing)

 One and night, Buddha’s disciples should wholeheartedly chant the Bodhisattva’s eight realizations.

 The First Realization :

the world is impermanent, the land is fragile. The four elements are suffering and emptiness, the five aggregates are not “I”.  Birth, death, transformation and change are all unreal, illusory phenomena beyond our control. Our hearts are the origin of all evil, and our bodies are the reservoir of all sin. If we can observe all this, we will gradually become free from life and death.

 The second Realization :

suffering arises from too many desires.  The fatigue of the cycle of life and death comes from greed.  If we have fewer desires, our bodies and minds will be at ease.

 The third Realization :

our hearts are insatiable, we try to gain as much as we can, and this only increase evil. Bodhisattvas are never greedy, but are always contented. Be contented with what you have, and seek only wisdom.

The fourth Realization :

If you are idle, you will be degenerate. Be always diligent. Break through worries. Conquer the four devils and be free from the prison of aggregates and realms.

The fifth Realization :

people live and die ignorantly. Thus, bodhisattvas study widely to increase their wisdom. They become eloquent and teach all people and brinb them great joy.

The sixth Realization :

when you are poor and complain much, you will create much bad karma with other people. When bodhisattva offer help to other people, they regard all equality, whether relatives or enemies. The bodhisattvas disregard past bad karma and they do not loathe bad people.

The seventh Realization :

the five desires cause suffering. Although we are common people, we must not be soiled by carnal pleasure. We should often recall the three garment, bowls and the utensils used in worship, and vow to renounce the lay life. We will abide by the precepts to keep us pure, and our Buddhist actions will be lofty, then we will have compassion for all.


The eighth Realization :

reincarnation is fire and its suffering is endless. We vow to cultivated the spirit of the bodhisattvas and to save all from their suffering.  I vow to accept endless suffering on behalf of all beings, so they can obtain ultimate happiness.

These eight matters are understood by all buddhas and bodhisattvas. They carry our spiritual cultivation with diligence. They cultivate their wisdom with compassion. They ride on the dharma-ship to the shore of nirvana. Then, they enter the cycle of reincarnation again to save all living creatures.

With these eight understandings, they lead all living beings to understand the suffering of life and death, abandon the five kinds of lust, cultivate their minds and walk on the path of the stages. If my disciples keep these eight things in mind, they will eradicate unlimited evils. They will gain perfect wisdom and quickly attain enlightenment. They will be freed from reincarnation forever and live permanently in happiness.


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